Friday, March 29, 2013

Zero build & London

Hi all, first I would like to apologize for no updates. I was very busy with school last week and was away last few days. I was in London and it was awesome, went to Hannants, RAF museum and a cool bookshop.
I'm still working on the pictures so they will be included in the next update ( Hopefully this sunday). In Hannants I only bought couple of aftermarket bits and bobs for some airplane kits I plan to do in the future.
The weather was chilly but surprisingly there was no rain. Anyways, I have been working on a new model which will also be a part of the SMA Big spring contest & Kit maker network Next Gen Campaign  ( 1/72 Airfix A6M2b Zero).
I decided to open a Youtube channel and make a video regarding the 1/72 Zero, also I made a small preview of the Vallejo wash line.


That's all for now folks, kind regards.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Part 1. of the Tiran 6 build

Hey Guys,this is my 1st entry for the Scale model addict big spring contest, it is the Trumpeter 1/35 T-62 Mod.1972 with Windmark mantlet, Miniarm tracks and Legend Tiran 6 conversion set.
I started off with the hull, gluing the plastic parts and converting resin parts to fit.
After a week of work (around 20-30 minutes per day) here is where I'm at;

Metal barel with Windmark mantlet and comparsion with the kit one ;

Mantlet comparsion

Windmark mantlet

Kit mantlet

Better view of the Windmark mantlet

Hull parts with some resin parts on, I hope to finish the hull itself in the next two weeks.
Legend parts are quite nice and dont require alot of converting, the PE is nice and thin.

Hope you like it, Sven.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Hi everyone, I have a small update.

I have been finishing the Gaz-67B from Tamiya in 1/48 scale, I didn't take any WIP pictures of it unfotunately. I decided to experiment with CM and go a little bit crazy with the mud.
For painting I used the AK Interactive 4BO green modulation set and it turned out pretty well IMO.
It was washed with both AK interactive dark green vehicles wash and with MIG dark wash. The mud is made of a mixture containing matt varnish from vallejo and some water ( Mixed with selection of pigments).
Chips were done using the sponge technique with MM silver paint. The last step was applying MIG filter for dark green vehicle. I will make a small vignette with one russian soldier on a very muddy surface, hence the name "Stuck".

For some reason it looks like some decals have silvering, but you can't see them in real.

And a report regarding the Su-100, I decided to leave it on the side for some time because Big spring contest started over at Scale model addict and I want to participate.
I will enter with a 1/72 Phantom and 1/35 T-62 from Trumpeter converted to Tiran 6.

If you want to join the contest you can do so by clicking on this  ENTER THE SMA BIG SPRING CONTEST HERE

That's all for today Folks, Kind regards.