Sunday, April 14, 2013

1/48 Tamiya P-51D Mustang In IAF service - Cockpit

Hello Folks, I've got a small update on the 1/48 Mustang build. The cockpit is almost done, all I have to do is add the seat, control stick and cover it with a light coat of filter. The colors were mixed ( AK interactive acrylics) and Tamiya brown wash was applied. I'll be doing the wings next and converting the brownings ( The first Mustangs had only two per wing due to small amount of them).

Also, many of you've probably heard about the new 1/48 Eduard Spitfire Mk.IX, well one is already finished by Jean Luc Formery, if you are interested in seeing the WIP and finished pictures, follow the link Spitfire build

Kind regards, Sven.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

1/48 Tamiya P-51D Mustang in IAF service

Hello everyone, after finishing the Zero I wanted to go back to the Tiran. Unfortunately I have only 20-40 minutes per day because of school so I'm not able to fully concentrate. So here Is the next project, I didn't have any additions at first,but a kind modeler from Canada provided me with some aftermarket items over at Aeroscale . So here It goes, It will be the first Israeli mustang "Zulu" ;

Profile from Sky decals sheet

Actual picture

While I'm waiting for the stuff Ben sent me I'm playing with the cockpit ( Got the PE and Masks from a trade).


Insturment Panel

Size Comparison

And a couple of overall pictures

From below
From above

Wheel bay detail

So far I'm very satisfied with both the details and fit.

Hope you like it, Sven.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Zero Pictures

Hey guys here are the final Zero pictures !
First a little description of the build ; I've used the recent 1/72 Airfix A6M2b Zero kit with eduard masks, scratchbuilt seatbels and pitot tube. The main color is mix of Lifecolor tan and white by Vallejo, primer, propeller and clear are all by Alclad.

Hope you like it, Sven.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Finished The Zero!

Hey Guys, got a small video update today, I'll will take some pictures in the next few days and post them with descriptions.

Hope you like it, Sven.