Sunday, February 24, 2013

Aeroscale campaign and a week overview

Hi fellas, I can't call this a update since I have no pictures to show ( there will be a picture update on the Su-100 im doing).

First I wanted to spread the news about this awesome campaign that is taking place over at Aeroscale .

The campaign name is The lottery which is mostly what it is, there are several topics, some of the titles are ;

-"Czechmate!" Build any Czech aircraft. (Free Czech flying with the RAF are acceptable so long as the Czech insignia is present)

-"Pearl Diving" Build any aircraft that participated in the attack on/defense of Pearl Harbour. Must be correct markings and scheme for Dec 7, 1941.

-"Blame it on the Twin Boom" Build any twin boom aircraft OR aircraft capable of Mach 2 in level flight (no rockets.)

-"Made in China" Build any Chinese manufactured Aircraft in Chinese livery.

-"Cripes, it's a Convair" Any aircraft you please, so long as it's a Convair.

-"Gimme a break!" Any aircraft with folding wings, built with wings in the folded position.

-"Drafted" Build any civilian aircraft pressed into service.

-"Hellofacopter" Anything rotary wing.

-"NASA to meet you!" Build any aircraft used by NASA. -"Low Hanging Fruit" Build any aircraft with an anhedral wing

Anyways, when you enlist for the campaign Mr. Rey Palmer ( Who is the leader) puts the titles in a hat and picks one.

I got to build a Sopwith airplane, which im really looking forward to since I haven't done a bi-plane or anything WWI-ish yet.

                                                              Clicky on this for direct transfer to the campaign page


Now the Su-100 part. I have managed to finish the tracks and wheels this week, which ment that this weekend was airbrushing and weathering. I dropped the first idea of making it in two colored green and   sand camo since I didn't have enough references so I decided for a simple sand finish with quite alot of dust and other weathering. I'll try to post the pictures tomorrow and see what you think about it.

                                                              Kind regards,Sven.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Su-100 Tracks and some general updates

Hi everyone, I have a little update today.
I'm preparing to finish the Su-100 in time for Vienna Go-modeling contest in two weeks, I've been working on the tracks ( Only one side left before painting) and man these tracks are awesome and very well detailed but the assembly is very exhausting and time taking, it took me 5 days to finish one side ( 30 minutes to 1 hour of work each day). It will be painted in a two tone green and sand camo ( unlike the one in Bovington museum) and with no markings.

I also took a picture together with Modelkasten Pz 1. tracks for comparison, these look huge next to them.

During the week I got some new stuff, two very cool 1/144 airplane kits from Ozmods which are very well detailed and nice ( If anyone's interested I may take some pictures and post them). 



The other thing I got is the SKP model figure of a WWII British soldier unfortunately I didn't have time to see it and decide how good it is, I will do so in one of the next blog updates.

And last but not least is a quick shot of my current work space, I hope you like it.

Kind regard, Sven.