Saturday, November 30, 2013

1/35 Miniart AEC Mk.II blog - update 3 and some news

Hello guys, I had some health issues and was forced to make a break from modelling. Now that I'm back I hope there will be more updates regarding my builds and the sprue cutters union. I also have an update regarding the S13 Silvia from the last post but that will be posted in a day or two. It has been brought to me to make a Facebook page and I've done so. If you like my work and have a profile on Facebook feel free to like my new page, here's the link ; Sven Harjacek Models on Facebook . New pictures will come up more often than on here. The AEC Mk.II was in this condition before I got hospitalized ;

I decided to paint the chassis parts before installing the engine and other pieces that will be painted in various metal shades and weather it all together. While waiting for the paint to arrive I made the engine. It's a really pleasant build that took around an hour to make. There are no paint instructions for the engine unfortunately so I'll have to do some research again.

That would be it for the AEC, here's a little sneak peak of what's cooking with the Silvia;

Hope you like it! 

Kind regards, Sven.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

1/24 Aoshima Nissan Silvia S13

After a long time, I decided to build another car model. I actually started as a car modeler but inspiration for planes/tanks struck me and I kept that direction until now. As my comeback project I chose this sweet Aoshima kit. I searched for some pictures online and found this awesome S13 which will be my main inspiration. I'll swap the kit supplied RB20 with a stronger and newer RB26 ( I have a metal version produced by a guy who used nickname GIONC on many car forums, I can't remember the company name). The only problem is that it one didn't come with a transmission, that's why I'm considering the resin Hobbydesign one. Anyways, here's what I've done so far.

Hope you like it, expect new updates soon.

Kind regards, Sven.