Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #13: Preparation

I've decided to join The Sprue Cutters Union ran by Jon at The Combat Workshop since I really like the concept ( If you are interested in reading what the Sprue Cutters Union is exactly just follow the first link).
This week's topic is preparation before starting a new model. I have only begun with some rituals in recent times, before I would just open the box and start building without any preparation. That was a major problem since I ran out of will and inspiration for the build. I've decided to try and set my goals for each new model, it doesn't have to be anything big, just to try out new techniques and have fun. ( Which many modelers seem to miss, this is a hobby that should relax you and make you feel good about your accomplishments and not frustrated and mad). I also tend to search for some references for each build, whether I plan an OOB or go crazy with aftermarket parts and detail. There are always small fixes that can make you build look better. Anything that will boost my inspiration is also welcome ( be it a movie or some cool photos of the subjects). Washing and preparing parts is also a very good habit and helps you avoid later problems with the painting process.

I somehow forgot to include this in the original post so I'm adding it now, Here are the link to posts of other Union's members regarding this topic;

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That would be it for my first entry in the Sprue Cutters Union, I'll try to write a little longer post with some pictures next time. Kind regards and best wishes, Sven. 


  1. Hi Sven i agree 100% about being fun and enjoying the hobby. I also like your idea of learning from each build and trying new ideas and techniques, it is the best way to improve yourself but not creat major stress by doing it all in one hit.

    1. When I just started I wanted to go all in and use lots of aftermarket stuff but I didn't have the skill to use them which just brought more stress to the hobby. I decided to learn little by little and as I wrote in the post try something new on each model.

      Thanks for the comment, Sven.

  2. Great first post Sven, welcome to the Union! I don't wash parts at the moment. How much of a difference do you think it makes?

  3. Thanks Jon! Well it really depends on the kit, I've never had any problems with painting Hasegawa and Tamiya kits without washing but some eastern companies like Zvezda have some kind of oily residue which makes the paint stick much harder.

    Kind regards, Sven.